• My girlfriend and I have recently moved in and so far really like our apartment. We have a great view from our balcony and enjoy watching the sunsets together.

    We have good neighbours and a great superintendent. He is helpful, informative, and very easy going. We feel free to talk with him about any concerns or questions we may have knowing that we will get a speedy response.

    I believe that we will like it here!


    Skyview Drum - Apt #408
  • We are tenants of Skyview Drum Apartments. We have been here for 5 months and enjoy the people, the surroundings and the conveniences. Also, the management is very courteous and hands-on. We know we will continue to enjoy our stay at Skyview Drum!


    Skyview Drum - Apt #106
  • To whom it may concern,
    I moved into 8 Hill Heights Road last June. I just wanted to mention the outstanding work that the new resident managers Sasa and Ksenija do. When I first moved in, one of my receptacles were loose, and Sasa immediately fixed it. Recently my front door was making a lot noise when it opened and closed because it was leaning on an angle. I mentioned it to Sasa two days ago, and yesterday he fixed it. Sasa is extremely handy and knowledgeable all around.
    Both Sasa and Ksenija are very polite and always ask if something needs to be fixed. I must say that I am very impressed with them and that higher management should be aware of their outstanding work. I could not ask for more out of them. They deserve recognition for their good work.
    Thank you very much for your time.


    Skyview Heights
  • You're doing a wonderful job in bringing up the standards for 900 Jane St. You've already made a noticeable dent in changing the face of this building. Congratulations! I also want to thank you very much for listening to my parents' - and I'm sure other tenant's - issues & concerns, and working towards resolving them the best way possible.


    Skyview Jane - Apt #403
  • I have been living at Lamoreaux Apartments for almost 14 years and have always been very happy with the two apartments I have lived in (I upgraded about 4 years ago to a large one bedroom). Also, I have always found Mark to be extremely friendly and helpful whenever I needed anything fixed or just general questions. My apartment building is clean and well managed, as well as my actual apartment. I was very happy when I was allowed to move into my new place with no hassle. Overall, always been a pleasure to be here!


    Lamoreaux Apartments - Apt #79
  • First of all, I would like to say that since you have taken over this site, it has been very apparent that your company is experienced in good management of the buildings. I compliment you on the ongoing upgrades! Tracy & Luc have done a great job, glad you kept Bernie & Ann on as well. The improvements have been very rewarding... things are starting to look brighter here at 355 Melvin Ave!


    Skyview Redhill - Apt #604
  • "this is on behalf of Danny Bond id just like to say this man has gone to great lenths to make my elderly mother happy in her new appartment. he has done a wonderful job on the clean up and renovations . i have seen it before hand. anyway just like to say good job Danny!!!!!and id like to say the he is most polite to myself (son) and my sister and my mom...hell of a guy..."


    Susan-1375 Kensington Parkway
  • I want to tell you about a "young" man I am very jealous of. I have known this guy for approaching two years and he is probably one of the most incredible human beings I've ever met in my somewhat long life. 

    I can't imagine what he goes through dealing with the woes and wailing of over a hundred tenants in this building. And as you know, it's not a new building. Yet he keeps it going. He makes people happy. He works his ass off. But through it all, I've rarely -- if EVER -- seen him without a smile on his face. Every time I go to pay the rent, we laugh. He has got to be one of the most joyful people I've ever met. Stress bounces off of him like water off a duck's back. I tell him often that I wish I had his temperament. And you can tell it's not manufactured. It's just the way he is. 

    That's the kind of face you want facing your tenants. Brent MacArthur is a wonderful man. It's my hope that you're as aware of this fact as I am. 

    He did not ask me to write this. I came home from driving my wife to work and found my parking space hand shoveled. When I was up very early this morning he was out in the parking lot with a shovel before the sun was even up helping people dig out of their parking spaces and just radiating that Brent aura that can't help but do things for your soul that coffee can't even do. 

    You need to keep this guy for a very long time.

    Skyview Glen